Ford Lauderdale

Ford Lauderdale

Project year:
September 2023
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Ford Lauderdale, Miami, Florida


In the heart of our design journey, we encountered a family with a unique vision – a home that embodies practicality, comfort, and a warm, cozy ambiance. Their priority was clear: to create a space where everyday life seamlessly coexists with relaxation. With the brown and white color palette chosen, the stage was set to merge aesthetics with functionality. Warm, earthy tones brought the cozy ambiance to life, focusing on crafting a space that was genuinely practical, efficient, and tailored to the family’s needs.

The layout was meticulously planned to optimize every square foot, emphasizing an efficient use of space. Comfort was a non-negotiable aspect of our design, with plush seating arrangements in family areas and soothing colors throughout the house. 

The heart of the home, the kitchen, was designed for both practicality and warmth, while bedrooms offered personal comfort and serenity with a neutral color palette and cozy bedding.

Smart home features and energy-efficient solutions contributed to the practicality of the home, ensuring convenience and long-term cost savings. Outdoor spaces were an extension of the cozy atmosphere, inviting family gatherings and relaxation.  Sustainability was also a key consideration, with sustainable materials and eco-friendly design choices. The result is a testament to the intersection of functionality and aesthetics, a place where the heart truly finds its home. Thank you for sharing in our journey.


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